Sr.No.  Post      Name  Designation 
1. Chairperson          Dr. Rajesh I. Bhatt Principal
2. Convener Pro. Pallaviben J. Dabhi Assistant Professor
3. Co-convener Pro. Bhavna K.Bhavsar Assistant Professor
4. General Secretary Meena Dabhi Teacher-Trainee
5. Member Sahin Chauhan Teacher-Trainee
6. Member mansi Brahmbhatt Teacher-Trainee
7. Member Sonal Bharvad Teacher-Trainee
8. Member Kalpna Raut Teacher-Trainee
9. Member Trusha Baria Teacher-Trainee
10. Member Saraswati Parmar Teacher-Trainee
11. Member Divyangna Baria Teacher-Trainee

What is C.W.D.C.?

- The prime Role of Women Development Cell of the College is to deal with Cases of Sexual Harassment and moreover, implementation of the Women policy, In general to promote the well being of female student, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the college. The Activities for the academic year began with the formation of Women Development Cell. Various programmes were organized during this year.


Aims of C.W.D.C.:-

  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non teaching women staff of our college.
  • To create legal awareness on specific issues concerning girl students and Women.
  • To provide carrier counselling.
  • To create social awareness about the problems of women and particular regarding gender discrimination.

Objectives of C.W.D.C.:-

  • To organize seminars, workshops creating general awareness and orientation of students, teachers, non-teaching staff for their active and sustained participation in the activities of cell.
  • To organize various types of training programmes and create awareness about self –employment schemes for the encouragement of self-reliance among women.
  • Promotion, development and dissemination of knowledge regarding the role of girl students and women in the present social context.
  • To encourage participation of NGOs working in the area of women’s development in the activities of the cell.

C.W.D.C. List of Activities

Sr.No. Date Particular Subject Guest Name
1 30/07/2016 Guest Lecture Women Empowerment Mrs.Artiben Vashisthdhar Dwivedi (Managing Director:Shri Dakshinamurti English Medium School,Bakrol)
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