Student Counselling Committee

Counseling is a unique, confidential and collaborative process  in which Students are strongly encouraged to seek additional information on professional electives and career opportunities from as many sources as possible in order to be well informed about the career choices that await them following graduation.
All students are provided information about career pathways in and participate in career pathway evaluation, through the Professional Development Convocation series of courses throughout the first , second three years of B.Sc  program.

We basically focous on :
  1. Difficulty adjusting to college
  2. Stress caused by life events, by academic or financial difficulties
  3. Wishing to increase self-awareness, maximize potential or make the overall college experience more productive and meaningful
Semester Post Name
1ST YEAR (1ST &2ND SEM ) Counsellor  Yesha Sharma& Dixa Sharma
3RD  YEAR (5TH &6TH SEM )Micro Counsellor Khushbu Ka.Patel 
3RD  YEAR (5TH &6TH SEM ) BT Counsellor  Dharti Patel 
3RD  YEAR (5TH &6TH SEM )CHEMISTRY  Counsellor  Khyati Tailor 
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(Engg) +91-757 485 7901
(MBA) +91-757 483 1735
(B.Ed) +91-757 483 1732
(BBA|BCA|ISM|B.Com) +91-757 483 1736
(BSc) +91-757 483 1734
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