Machine lab
  • Machine lab is associated with different machines characteristic, operation and performance. In our Electrical Machine Lab We have Different Electrical A.C. & D.C. machines like single phase and three phase transformers , 1-phase & 3-phase  squirrel cage Induction motor, Auto Synchronous Motors and Alternators, DC Motor-Generator set, D.C.Generator , D.C. Motors with different ratings. We have newly developed Electrical panels for conducting various experiments and testing of above machines.

Measurement lab
  • Measurement and Instrumentation laboratory is dealing with the Measurement and instrumentation to the Electrical engineering. The Laboratory contains the Various Trainer Kits and Instruments like Wheatstone bridge, Hay’s bridge, kelvin’s double bridge, Wein bridge, Maxwells LC bridge, Schering bridge & De-sauty bridge, Energy meter, LCRQ bridge meter. Even we have LVDT , Temp. Transducer, Strain gauge & Optical transducer   trainer in our LAB.

Circuits and networks lab
  • In this laboratory we have to deal with different circuits and networks theorem. In our circuits and networks lab we have different kits for theorems like Superposition, Norton, thevenin, Maximum power transfer, Reciprocity. Even we have kits for verification of Kirchhoff’s voltage law and Kirchhoff’s current law, two port network kits.

Analog electronics
  • In this laboratory we have different trainer kit for performing  various practical are like OP-AMP, TIMER IC555, MONOSTABLE MULTI VIBRATOR, Bistable multi vibrator, Digital IC trainer, JK flip flop, RS flip flop, T flip flop, Decade counter trainer kit etc.
Digital electronics 
  • In our Digital electronics lab we have different kits to verify AND GATE, OR GATE, NOT GATE, NAND GATE, NOR GATE, EX-OR GATE, JK FLIP FLOP, D FLIP FLOP, RS FLIP FLOP, T FLIP FLOP and PLL

  • We have Matlab2014b licence versions in our college. MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. We can use this software for Modelling, simulation, and prototyping.
Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • This is the basic lab for all the branches of BE. Here students interact with various theorems, laws like KCL, KVL, Ohm’s Law. This lab is fully equipped with equipment like transformers, all measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters, watt-meters, Multi meter, Clip on meter and energy meters), rheostats, Resistors, capacitors, inductors, to conduct the experiments.
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