Central Committee


Guideline to Committee Member’s Role and Responsibility

  • Calendar planning of Co-Curricular and Extra activity.
  • Panning and arrangement of co-curricular activities such as quiz technical events, workshops, seminar, etc.
  • Planning and arrangement of extra co-curricular activities such as cultural, sports activity, days celebration etc.
  • All correspondence for sanction, approval, invitation, sponsorship, felicitation letters, certificates etc.
  • Annual day of the institute.

Name Designation Role E-Mail
Prof. Nikunj R. Patel AP & I/C HOD (CE) Convener Spce124hodce@gmail.com
Prof. Hiren P. Patel AP & I/C HOD (IT) Co-Convener Spce124hodit@gmail.com
Prof. Supriya Rakshit AP & I/C HOD (EE) Member Spce124hodee@gmail.com
Prof. Nilam Patel AP & I/C HOD (ME) Member Spce124hodme@gmail.com
Prof. Ashish K. Dhokiya AP & I/C HOD (H&S) Member Spce124hodgen@gmail.com
Prof. Jugal A. Mistry AP-CE Member Spce124cestaff6@gmail.com
Prof. Gaurav Gohil AP-CE Member Gohilgaurav534@gmail.com
Prof. Dhaval S. Patel AP-IT Member Spce124itstaff3@gmail.com
Prof. Jay Patel AP-ME Member Spce124mestaff9@gmail.com
Prof. Nicky Patel AP-ME Member Spce124mestaff6@gmail.com
Prof. Mitali Pathak AP-EE Member Spce124eestaff1@gmail.com
Prof. Tarun Saluja AP-IT Member Spce124itstaff2@gmail.com
Prof. Sarangi Maheta AP-IT Member Spce124itstaf6@gmail.com
Prof. Dipti Mathpal AP-COMP Member Spce124compstaff2@gmail.com
Prof. Bhumika Bhatt AP-IT Member Spce124itstaf7@gmail.com
Prof. Jayesh Patel AP-ME Member Jay.patel.nadiad@gmail.com
Prof. Harshil. Bagadiya AP-H&S Member Spce124genstaff2@gmail.com
Patel Shreyas Student-TY Civil Member Shreyas2295@gmail.com
Bhuva Harsh Student-TY Civil Member hrsbhuva@gmail.com
GohilArav Student-TY Civil Member Gohilgaurav534@gmail.com
PrajapatiJayesh Student-TY Civil Member Jdprajapati61@gmail.com
Shah Raj Student-TY Civil Member Rajshah2486@gmail.com
Patel Dhawani Student-TY Civil Member Dhwani280497@gmail.com
Makwana Akanksha Student-TY Civil Member Akanksha5576@gmail.com
Kapadia Issar Student-TY Civil Member Ishshar.kapadiya@gmail.com
Makwana Komal Student-TY Civil Member Komal1994makwana@gmail.com
Dhaval Dudakiya Student-TY Civil Member dhavalmistry44@gmail.com
Patel Maharshi Student-TY Civil Member Maharshi.patel26mp@gmail.com
Shah Dhruv Student-TY Civil Member Shahdhruv1515@gmail.com
Vraj Patel Student-SY Civil Member Vrajpatel1997@yahoo.com
Saiyad Jalaludin Student-SY Civil Member saiyadjalal@outlook.com
Sohil Khan Student-SY Civil Member Sohilkhan.asharafi143@gmail.com
Yadav Sharad  J. Student-TY Mech Member y.yadavsharad1997@gmail.com
Jhala Brijrajsinh  I. Student-TY Mech Member Bibs.jhlazz@gmail.com
Vaghela Goldie  H. Student-TY Mech Member Vgoldie29@gmail.com
Prajapati Milan Student-TY Mech Member Milanprajapati96@yahoo.com
Pinto Evan Student-TY Mech Member Evanpinto11@gmail.com
Shah Harsh Student-TY Mech Member Harsh262949@yahoo.com
Patel Rutul Student-TY Mech Member Rutul332@gmail.com
Parekh Kunal Student-TY Mech Member Krunal3107@yahoo.com
Harsh Trivedi Student-TY Mech Member Trivedi9795@gmail.com
Hemit D Parmar Student-TY Mech Member Hemit8128hp@gmail.com
Shah Nilav K. Student-SY Mech Member shahnilavgooo@gmail.com
Patel Satyam R. Student-SY Mech Member Patelsatyam8153@gmail.com
Subnani Karan H. Student-SY Mech Member Karansabnani97@gmail.com
Chaudhary Saurabh Student-SY Mech Member Subhyrock30@gmail.com
Patel Pooja Student-TY IT Member Patelpooja1007@gmail.com
Bilakhiya Jenith Student-TY IT Member Jenit737@gmail.com
Jhalandhara Mital Student-TY EE Member Mital0511@gmail.com
Desai Swapnil Student-TY EE Member Desaiswapnil38@gmail.com
Saurav Macwan Student-SY EE Member Sauravmacwan4041@gmail.com
Satasiya Surbhi Student-FY EE Member Surbhuipatel0908@gmial.com
(Pharmacy) +91-757 483 1731
(Engg) +91-757 485 7901
(MBA) +91-757 483 1735
(B.Ed) +91-757 483 1732
(BBA|BCA|ISM|B.Com) +91-757 483 1736
(BSc) +91-757 483 1734
SPEC Campus -1
Sardar Patel Education Campus,
Vidhyanagar-Vadtal Road,
Bakrol, Anand,Gujarat, 318315.

Phone (Trust Office):
02692 - 235300, 232158
9099158587, 9099158580
SPEC Campus -2
Sardar Patel Education Campus,
12, Madhuvan Socity,
Mahadev Area, D-Mart Road,
Opp Sigma Prime, V.V.Nagar, Gujarat, 318315.

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