Placement Procedure 
  •    Collect list of best companies in Gujarat.
  •     Choose suitable companies as per specialization Finance,Marketing.HRM
  •     Contact those companies by HR reference for placement.
  •     Provide college information to companies. Eg. Department of college,Number of students etc.  
  •     Convince them for placement in our college.
  •     If there is no vacancy in particular company than continuous touch with them so that we will grab new openings.
  •     If they ready for come in placement than provide our college brochure to them and fix date of placement.
  •     Keep record of convinced companies and take follow up.
Student related
  •    Prepare placement forms of students. Which include whole student profile.
  •     Give them information about which companies come in our college for placement.
  •     Collect latest resume from them.
  •     Provide soft skills regarding how to face interviews.
On Placement day
  •    Well welcome of companies
  •     Sitting arrangement
  •     Prepare company wise list of students who ready to apply.
Our Recruiter 

(Pharmacy) +91-757 483 1731
(Engg) +91-757 485 7901
(MBA) +91-757 483 1735
(B.Ed) +91-757 483 1732
(BBA|BCA|ISM|B.Com) +91-757 483 1736
(BSc) +91-757 483 1734
SPEC Campus -1
Sardar Patel Education Campus,
Vidhyanagar-Vadtal Road,
Bakrol, Anand,Gujarat, 318315.

Phone (Trust Office):
02692 - 235300, 232158
9099158587, 9099158580
SPEC Campus -2
Sardar Patel Education Campus,
12, Madhuvan Socity,
Mahadev Area, D-Mart Road,
Opp Sigma Prime, V.V.Nagar, Gujarat, 318315.

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