Dr. Vashishthdhar Dwivedi (Director, SPEC)

Research Papers/Articles: More than a dozen research papers and article published in renowned national and international journal/periodicals.
Books: Seven with ISBN no books on important subjects/topics published.
Media: CD on E-commerce and Fundamentals of Teaching Skills.

Dr. Samir K. Shah (Principal, Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy)

Paper Published

Serendipity of fluorine in discovery and development of ant diabetic agents: A bottleneck Systemic Review. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1(4), 168-175, 2013.ISSN: 2321-3086 (online); ISSN: 2321-3310 (Print).

Anti asthmatic activit

Dr. Nirav Trivedi (HOD, B.B.A & B.B.A (ISM))

Paper Published

Paper Published in ISBN (978-93-5030-152-4) Book entitled “Current Issues in corporate Governance –Current Global Scenario” single accounting for the world economy.

Published  Paper in ISSN 2348-3032  “ Sany

Mr. Jignesh Trivedi

Paper Published

Published a Paper in ISBN (978-93-5030-152-4) book, entitled “Current Issues in Corporate Governance – Current Global Scenario” -Single Accounting For The World Economy, Published by Oxford Book Company (New Delhi) .


Mr. Mehul Mistry

Paper Published

Published a Paper entitled “Research and development expenditure and its impact on profitability performance of selected pharmaceutical companies in India – A Study”. Published in “SANYOJAK” National Journal of Commerce &

Mr. Pravin Jadav

Article Published

Participated in two days State level Seminar of 18th “Gujarat Sociology Seminar” on October 30-31, 2010,organized by Sardar Patel University and presented a artcle entitled “Cruelty of the Society on Women”

Ms. Sapna Nakrani

Pharmacognostical and phytochemical investigation of ficus religiosa linn in international journal of Phytopharmacy Pesearch 2012-13.

Pharmacological and Biological studies of leaves of chromoleana ordata in international journal of Phytopharmacy Research 2012-13.

Mr. Timir Patel

Evaluation of anti inflammatory and analgesics activity of Rubia cordifolia in rats. J. Pharm. Sci. & Res. Vol.2 (12), 2010, 809-813

Augmentation of endothelial dependent relaxation in thoracic aorta of streptozotocin induced diabetic rats: Role of Statin. Int. J. Res. Pharm. Sci. V

Mr. Rakesh Parmar

Mast cell stabilizing activity of bark of myrica nagi, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies and Research, Vol -II, no-I, January- March, 2011, 1-6.

Effect of gellan gum, gentian violet and sugar on the penetration, rheological, release and desorption properties of oral-topica

Dr. Krishna Chandra Dwivedi

Research Papers/Articles Published : Presented/attended more than 24 articles in national and international conferences, besides 10 articles published in national and international journals and conference proceedings.

Articles/Chapters Published i

Ms. Varsha Kuchara

“The New State of Women Entrepreneurship in India” in „Protsahan – A Journal to encourage young Researchers? Volume:1/ Issue:1/ September, 2013 – ISSN: 2321-869X, at National Conference on „Competing Globally – A Race for Survival? organized by R B Institute

Mrs. Selvy Palmer

Written & Published an Article on New state of Women Entrepreneurship in India in Protsahan a Journal to encourage young researcher. Vol. 1 issue-1 September 2013, ISSN no. 2321- 869x at national conference on competing globally- a race for survival organized by RB Institute of management Studie

Ms. Sulabh Narayan

“The New State of Women Entrepreneurship in India”;Protshan a journal to encourage young Researchers, vol.1, no.1, part 2, ISSN:2321-869X,September 2013,page no.308
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