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SPEC Sports Academy


SPEC-SPORTS ACADEMY has come up with an initiative and introduced The SPEC Sports Academy with a view to provide a distinctive platform to young, energetic, dynamic and passionate students.

The idea is to expose students to a variety of sports from young age so the children can discover their natural ability and talent, inculcates sportsmanship and discipline, develop physical and mental abilities and much more, which goes with sports.

We specially plan summer vacation sports and summer camps for students with a trained and experienced coaches.

We firmly believe that through sports and games children learn to accept failure and victory as two sides of the same coin. Leadership, spontaneous decision-making, facing adverse circumstances are some of the virtues which students imbibe while playing.

We offer many sports like Football, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Karate, Table-tennis and Volleyball.

Reasons to participate in Sports

Fitness : Physical strength, develop stronger muscles and bones, speed and flexibility are all enhanced from participation in sports. Most of these assets are gained in practice.

Discipline : Sports help children’s to develop discipline. They learn to set goals and then work to achieve those goals in a disciplined and systematic way. As playing sports require athletes to be disciplined in tactical, mental and physical aspects.

Team work : No sports team is successful without working together to reach a common goal. Teamwork is essential to a good performance from a sports team, and is a great way to teach children cooperating well with others and taking responsibility for actions. Teamwork actually goes beyond a group deciding to work together.

Boosts self-esteem : Being part a of a team with similar goals will increase the child’s value of their self. What they contribute to the team – whether it be in leadership positions or in fulfilling important roles – will ultimately contribute to the boost in their self-esteem and their confidence. Watching your hard work pay off and achieving your dreams brings about tons of self-confidence.

Cuts down on pressure and stress : Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. Also, you will most likely make many new friends on the team who can be there for you as a support system. When you find you are having a lot of stress, you can call up teammates and head to the gym to talk it out and play it out. sports balance our body’s blood pressure and circulation.


SPEC Sports Academy has a team of respected coaches who have experience of many years. The planning of coaches are so well that every student learns and understand the strategy in almost a perfect way. But above all, our coaches function in accordance with the guidelines of SPEC Sports Academy.

Our aim is to provide the best infrastructure coupled with quality coaching


• Mr. Girish Patel
• Mr. Shital Patel
• Mr. Paresh Yadav


Football :Children play football because it is fun, challenging and exciting. Most kids love being part of a team. Football teaches cooperation and team work, helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect for others. It helps build self-confidence, a positive self-image and self-worth. It enables a child to improve upon and develop a broad range of motor skills like throwing, catching, running, kicking, balance, agility and coordination. Because a large variety of skills and physical abilities are required on a football team, there is a position for every child to play.The school has enough size of football field to play football.

Tennis :Tennis engages your mind and body at the same time, unlike a traditional workout at the gym as it requires tactical thinking, alertness and problem solving efforts. The School has sufficient size of Tennis Court to play Tennis.

Skating :The skater would learn to avoid falling that would lead to injuries, as much as possible. Though if it still happens, the skater should know how to fall correctly. A lot of coordination is involved with skating. The eyes, arms, legs and feet must coordinate with each other. The more practice a skater does, the more he will get used to this. Coordination is a good trait and has a vital application in real life. For instance, coordination applies to climbing, driving or multi-tasking.

Cricket : : One of the hardest things about cricket is that you can’t be a hack. You’ve got to have skill. It’s a mental as well as physical game. Although you play as a team, still it’s considered as an individual game. Batsmen act alone, as do bowlers. Your team mates can’t help you, it’s all up to you.

Karate : The inherent variety found in Karate is amazing. There’s no limit to the ways you can use Karate to shape your own journey. Nonetheless, Karate is one of the most popular and well-known martial arts for a simple reason that it’s safe, easy to learn, requires little space and is very effective if done right. In the martial arts, your child will learn what it is to take a hit, whether that hit is a literal blow or a disappointment like failing a test. The key to self defense does not rely on punching and kicking. Learning to be aware of your surroundings and avoiding dangerous situations is the focus of awareness.

Table Tennis : Table tennis is accurately described as ‘high-speed chess’.

Yoga : Yoga poses massage organs and strengthen muscles; breathing techniques and meditation release stress and improve immunity which in turns results in living with greater awareness. The practice of yoga can make your body more flexible, giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion. A supple, flexible body is less prone to injuries because it can withstand physical stress. It is widely known that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand.

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