Library & Reading Room



Students are encouraged to use library for the development of reading habits, which is well equipped with books, periodicals, magazines, Computer Facility.


In our College there is a rich library with latest books and reading section of capacity of approximately 5000 books on teacher education, Education Technology, Education Psychology, Educational Administration & Management, Health Education, Computer Education, methods of teaching various subjects etc. In addition to this the library has unique collection of Journals, Periodicals and Encyclopedia etc mention below:


Ultimate goal of our Sardar Patel College of Education for Library is to provide the right source, to the right user, at the right time at the user’s desk. So, we aim to impart the new theories on education to our students according to the changing environment of learning and the needs of learners. All students are the members of the college library. There is a reading room with a capacity of 100 students. Book bank facility is provided in the library. The library working hours on working days is 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. 



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E-Access for Book & Learning Resources for Student & Staff