At Sardar Patel College of Administration & Management, the academic programs are delivered through a well-conceived, defined and synchronized delivery system (our evolution over the years of our own existence), this channel/path is realized through an efficient and optimum combination of management of discrete and scattered resources vis-à-vis HR, Infrastructure, technical materials, laboratories and equipments, industrial exposure and training, continuous evaluation, project works and seminars, technology forum and competitive platforms, communication skills including soft and tertiary skills, utilization of the latest teaching aids and other concurrent supporting resources available in the field today.




Sardar Patel College of Administration and Management (SPCAM -MBA) being a sectoral school of management has been laid on the following foundational principles:



  • To promote intellectual self reliance and globalize collective wisdom.
  • To act as a strategic think tank for Corporate & Business organizations.
  • To facilitate creation of enlightened and democratic leadership for the co-operative & corporate sector.
  • To prepare students with the best professional career prospects in the emerging global market place.
  • To take up action and need based research and consultancy.


Above all we aim to be a world class programme bridging the gaps in management education and developing competencies in the frontier areas of management. It is aimed at creating holistic managers, synthesizing conventional and modern management thinking with global outlook and having capabilities of adapting to the changing requirements of business.


MBA Programme



The Two Year Full Time MBA Programme running as a Post Graduate Degree of Gujarat Technological University – MBA at SPCAM – MBA aims at generating a young Post graduates who are Perfectionists in their respective filed. At SPCAM – MBA, a judicious blend of concepts, theory and practice prepare he students to function in a dynamic environment.





The Programme will pursue single mindedly the objectives through an ARC (Architecture, Routine and Culture) that separates the best from the rest.



  • To strive for excellence by installing in our students the attitude to lead change through the ability of continuous learning.
  • To equip the students with required conceptual framework, interpersonal skills and the essence of teamwork for managerial decision making and implementation.
  • To acquaint our participants with the rapid development in the area of management techniques by conduction and promotion of innovation research as well as indigenous literature in management.

    MBA Program


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Sardar Patel college of Administration and Management -MBA, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto of 'EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE'.



SPCAM-MBA is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment."