The classrooms are spacious, ventilated and equipped with multimedia and audiovisual equipments.

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1. Pharmaceutics
2. Pharmacology
3. Pharmaceutical chemistry

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Industrial pharmacy division is well equipped with tablet punching machine, dissolution apparatus.

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Library plays vital role in overall development and broadcasting of scientific and technical knowledge.

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The computer centre is equipped with 30 branded personal computers supported by broadband.

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There are multiple sport facilities available in campus to keep our students physically fit and filled with sportsman spirit.

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Dhruvi Patel B.Pharm Sem-VI  

Choosing Pharmacy as a profession is the decision of my and choosing SPCP makes my decision worthy. The college provides multi-disciplinary and enthusiastic environment which helps to develop managerial Skills, oratorical skills and also build a vision and innovation. The staff are very helpful, gives constant Encouragement and solve our doubts by conducting various doubt solving sessions. The college also organizes various guest lectures, workshops, seminars and projects which helps in enriching our Knowledge and out of box thinking.

Riya Behl B.Pharm Sem-VIII  

My name is Riya Behl I study in Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy This college provides plethora of facilities for  studentsHere there is library with recent books which are useful Well equipped laboratories are provided for students for curriculum studies Along with curriculum activities, Non-curriculum activities are also performed. Sports,cultural activity, NSS camps, Women Development Cell. Faculty of this college are very cooperative and supportive to students, as well as they are well experienced to provide plentiful knowledge. College provides excellent education and I am sure that it will lead to an overall development of all the students.

Azba Vohra B.Pharm Sem-I  

(SPCP) which is well known as Sardar Patel College of pharmacy. Well its lot more to tell about that college. I would not say it as a college I would love to tell it as home. We students fell like their own home moreover were they love to spend their leisure time doing some extracurricular activities along with that working on their hobbies. Secondly, talking about the most important thing as well as most impressive thing about my college is their teaching skill. Which are so understandable and worth learning. Thirdly the faculty’s cooperation towards students are kind in nature and students love to spend the time with faculties as if they are like our parents.

Priti Sindhi B.Pharm Sem-IV  

I, Priti Sindhi, am a student of B.PHARM Sem-IVat Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy. The amount of exposure that I have received till now is astounding. SPCP provides us with quality staff always devoted towards value based education. The faculty here is extremely proficient, highly educated and open to limitless queries put up by the students. The laboratories are good with latest instruments. The classrooms are spacious with Audio-Visual facilities. The college has a clean green campus, maintained all the time.

Devangi Patel (2007-2011) 

"I have only great memories to share about Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy (SPCP). I can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the quality education and knowledge I gained from college through learned teachers and inspiring colleagues.  Being here I am proud to say that I am an alumni of SPCP because of the quality pharmaceutical education and all other facilities provided by SPCP."

Sandip Sharma (2007-2011) 

"As a first batch B.Pharm student I look back at my time in Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy (SPCP) as a great experience.  Today, I feel very proud when I think about my decision to join the B. Pharm Program at SPCP where I learnt to develop myself professionally as well as personally.I want to express my sincere thanks to the dedicated faculty who are always updated with the latest skills and knowledge—both theoretical and practical. They inculcated the same in their students."

Hitesh Hotchandani (2008-2012) 

"Being an Alumni of Sardar Patel college of pharmacy (SPCP) is an honor that cannot be described with words alone. Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy has changed my life to a great extent. Excellent facilities have been provided by the college and faculties are really promise-worthy. Hats off to SPCP and its team for developments of all of us."

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