Psychology lab


A Psychology Laboratory is maintained by Sardar Patel College of Education in which experiments in Psychology are conducted as part of the B.Ed. practical curriculum. An acquired habit is nothing but a new pathway of discharge formed in the brain, by which certain incoming currents ever after tend to escape.


Each one of us is a product of heredity and environment therefore we all are unique in one way or another. A teacher has to deal with large number of students each different from other in behaviour, mental abilities and other traits. It is essential for the teacher to understand the psychology of his/her students in order to enable them adjust within the environment and cope up with the changes occurring in the society. To give training to the Teacher Trainee about understanding the psychology of the students, our college has a psychology lab equipped with a large number of psychological tests with manuals and apparatus on various aspects of psychology such as Adjustment Problems inventory, Adolescent Awareness Scale, Frustration Inventory, Anxiety Scale, Emotional Intelligence Scale, Self Concept Inventory, Social- Economic Status Scale, Security – Insecurity Inventory. These psychological tests help trainees to learn various integral of psychology. Following Psychological tests are also available in the psychology lab of the college.